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BIM-6305-03  Cuvette Holder with 4-channels
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The four-channel cuvette holder is designed with a tight fitting device, and the cuvette can be placed close to two reference planes. At the same time, it is also designed with a filter slit, which is particularly effective when using high-pass filters for fluorescence measurement.


Diversified testing: Two collimators can be used when measuring absorbance/transmittance of a sample. Two collimators can also be used for fluorescence measurement. You can also use two aligners to measure the absorbance/transmittance and fluorescence of the same sample at the same time. The collimating lens can be removed from the holder and can be used alone on any fixture that requires fiber for beam-free coupling for online transmittance measurement.


Capable of measuring absorbance, fluorescence, scattering or any combination of the above optical phenomena.


Optical Path10mm
Collimator Lens

Standard 4 collimating lenses, lens diameter 5mm

Collimating Lens TerminalSMA905
Filter Slit

The maximum size of the filter that can be installed is 30mmx30mmx6mm



Product optical path description, as shown in the figure: the fiber on the left is connected to the light source, the divergent light is converted into parallel light through the fiber collimator, and then the sample is irradiated through the filter. The other way is that the light reflected or excited by the sample passes through the filter and then to the collimator to focus on the fiber, and then connect to the measuring equipment for measurement and analysis.

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