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BIM-7001 Optical Power Meter, DB15 interface
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BIM-7001 is a superior hand-held optical power meter apparatus, which provides an ideal choice for optical power measurement: high precision, easy operation and reliability. The appearance of the apparatus is moderate, equipped with large-size LCD segment code display, adapter and rechargeable battery to provide two power supply modes, with intelligent backlight, high-speed digital, high-definition display, real-time display of power and so on. The apparatus communicates with BIM-71 series photoelectric detector or BIM-72 series thermopile detector by digital transmission to ensure the accuracy of the data. And it can be connected to the computer through the USB interface and BPM software, which supports up to four simultaneous data acquisition, showing the maximum and minimum power values and the average. The data can be stored or imported analysis, user-friendly.

Crossover design: suitable for portable and desktop use

Hand-held design, ultra-800 sets of data can be stored stand-alone, and allows two built-in battery or external power supply mode, ideal for engineers to carry.

Compatible with digital and analog detectors

To consider the strong signal and weak signal characteristics of the probe, the header is compatible with digital communications and analog communications probe.

Professional monitoring, over-range alarm

The apparatus is with over-range alarm, you can set the upper and lower limits of optical power. Once the set range is exceeded, it will automatically send an alarm sound to remind the testing people.

Convenient operation design

W, dBm, dB three kinds of measurement units.

Automatic range conversion, automatic background light, automatic shut down.


Laser power measurement and monitoring.

Optical fiber, optical fiber cables and various passive optical devices to measure the optical loss.

Communication Engineering (such as LAN, cable and long distance lines) line construction and maintenance.

Fiber optic cable, optical communications equipment, research and testing of active and passive optical devices.

Measure the solar radiation power density in the sun.


Compatible DetectorsBIM-71 series (photodiode) ; BIM-72 series (Thermopile)
Sampling Rate20 Hz
Internal Sample Storage800
Communication InterfaceUSB2.0
Display Type80×54mm LCD
Battery Type1.2v Rechargeable Battery (not provided with the meter)
Power RequirementsInput:100 - 240 VAC; Output: 6VDC, 1A
Automaic shutdown10 mins
Intelligent BacklightSupport
Weight350 g
Dimension210mm × 120mm × 36mm


1 Optical Power Meter, 1 USB data cable, 1 6V Adapter.

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