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BIX-8805 series Spectroradiometer with NIST calibrated
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Radiometry is a science that studies the measurement of electromagnetic radiation energy, applicable to the entire electromagnetic waveband. Irradiance is defined as the power per unit area when electromagnetic radiation is incident on a curved surface. It is intuitively understood as the quantified value ofenergy at the point of incidence. The physical unit is watts per square meter (W/m^2). The irradiance measurement kit consists of a spectrometer, optical fiber, cosine corrector, and holder. The spectrometer is connected to a cosine corrector with a known surface area through an optical fiber. The entire system is calibrated by the NIST traceable standard light source, which can achieve UVA, UVB, UVC and other wavelengths of ultraviolet intensity detection, as well as irradiance in a specific band, accurate measurement of a series of parameters such as radiation flux and radiation intensity. The device is simple to test and easy to use,   and can be widely used in research fields such as ultraviolet disinfection lamps, ultraviolet fluorescent lamp irradiation intensity measurement, and LED light radiation safety measurement.


  • Simple operation, good repeatability, fast detection

  • Small size and easy to carry

  • NIST traceable and certified calibration

  • The wavelength range includes 200-450nm ultraviolet band, with higher ultraviolet sensitivity

  • Software compatible with XP, Windows7, Windows8, Windows10

  • USB2.0 data transmission and power supply, support RS232 communication


  • UV standard detection and measurement

  • LED light radiation safety measurement

  • Plant growth/PAR/Plant photobiology

  • Characterization of UV curing systems

  • Light stability measurement

  • Spectral reflectance/absorbance/transmittance measurement

  • Fluorescence measurement




Spectral Range


Optical Resolution

1.5nm@ 200-1100 nm


Hamamatsu S11639 2048 line array CMOS

Integration Time

0.5ms-10 s



Signal to noise ratio


Communication Method


Host Size

94 mm×60 mm×34.5 mm


5℃ -35℃ (recommended temperature 25℃)

Optical Diffuser


Probe Size

Φ 6.4 × 115 mm

Radiation Calibration

Radiation calibration by NIST traceable

standard light source

Measurable parameters

Spectral distribution curve

Irradiance in UVA, UVB, UVC bands

Irradiance, radiant intensity, and radiant flux

of a custom band in the range of 200-1100nm

Typical application: LED irradiance measurement

275,310,395nm LED灯.png

275, 310, 395nm LED irradiance test, integration time 25ms

Typical application: UV disinfection lamp test


30W UV disinfection lamp test, integration time 100ms

Packing List

1 spectrometer, 1 probe, 1 holder, 1 USB data cable, 1 CD (including software and manual)

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