BEM-5451 Low Pressure Natrium Light Source
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The experimental light source Low Pressure Natrium Light Source is an inductive traditional light source, which has the characteristics of reliable operation and longservice life. Low Pressure Natrium Light Source can radiate a linear spectrum of specific wavelengths. It can be used for wavelength correction of monochromator, spectrophotometer and other instruments. This light source can also be used in other occasions where a line spectrum light source is required.


The natrium double-line 589.0nm and 589.6nm spectral lines of the Low Pressure Natrium Light Source are standard wavelengths for wavelength calibration, and can also be used as standard detection equipment for resolution adjustment. When studying natrium spectrum, it can provide abundant natrium spectrum.


1. Luminous Wavelength:

    The main radiation spectrum wavelength of natrium lamp is 589.0nm, 589.6nm

2. Electrical Parameters:

    Rated Power: 20W; Input Voltage: 220V AC

    Working Voltage: 15V; Working Current: 1.2A

    Average Working Life: 200 hours

3. Dimensions:

    Lamp: outer diameter 28mm

    Length: 150mm

    Lamp Holder Model: screw mouth

4. Light-emitting Windows: 4 light-emitting windows, symmetrical at 90° with respect to each other, height adjustable

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