BEM-5452 Hydrogen Light Source
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The Hydrogen Light Source is a cold cathode glow discharge tube, which consists of a pair of nickel electrodes enclosed in a hard glass bulb. The tube is filled with high-purity hydrogen. When the high-pressure is applied, the characteristic spectrum of hydrogen will be emitted.


Used in optical instruments such as V prism refractometer and interferometer, as a monochromatic light source, it can also be used in applications requiring hydrogen spectroscopy such as college physics teaching experiments.


1. Luminous Wavelength:

    The characteristic spectrum of the hydrogen lamp is 410.174nm, 434.047nm, 486.133nm, 656.279nm

2. Electrical Parameters:

    Rated Power: 20W; Input Voltage: 220V AC

    Working Current: 10mA

3. Dimensions:

    Lamp: outer diameter 28mm

    Length: 230mm

    Lamp Holder Model: socket

4. Light-emitting Windows: 4 light-emitting windows, symmetrical at 90° with respect to each other, height adjustable

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