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Fluorescence Measuring Device for Liquid Materials
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Fluorescence is the light emitted by a substance after absorbing light or other electromagnetic radiation. A common example is that a substance absorbs ultravioletlight and emits fluorescence in the visible band. Fluorescence is widely used in high-resolution optics, phosphor reflection, medical applications, photocatalytic reaction, UV glue curing, special lighting, etc. According to different materials, it can be divided into liquid material fluorescence spectrum measurement and solid material fluorescence spectrum measurement. For the measurement of liquid materials, a cuvette is usually used for sampling, and the excited fluorescence spectrum is measured in the 90 degree direction of the incident light source.


  • LED light source adopts imported chips with a heat dissipation module, and the performance is stable

  • The light intensity of LED light source is continuously adjustable, and its service life exceeds 100,000 hours

  • Modular combination of equipment, different configurations can be selected according to requirements

  • Small size, easy to integrate and secondary development


Measurement and research of fluorescence spectrum of liquid materials

Parts List

Wavelength RangeUV-VIS

200-900nm, resolution ~1nm

(Spectrometer specifications can be adjusted according to actual application needs)

Light Source

BIM-6216 Tunable LED Light Source

FiberSIM-6102 Quartz Optical Fiber‍, Qty: 2

SIM-6301-QF10 Quartz Cuvette

12.5 mm×12.5 mm×45 mm, light on all sides, Qty: 2

Cuvette HolderBIM-6305-03   Cuvette Holder with 4-channels with four collimating lenses
ReflectorSIM-6303 Fluorescence-enhanced reflector, special for cuvette holder, lens diameter 5mm. Quantity: 2

*For detailed parameters of each part, please click the link in the table

Typical Data


Fluorescence spectrum of a sample

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